Desert Canyon Institute provides an addiction recovery program where the goal is to address the “big picture” of what led to the abuse of drugs and/or alcohol in a person’s life. Our clients do not simply endure the physical challenges of detox, they find healing in ways to address lifestyle choices and environmental factors that may have contributed to the addiction in the first place.

During the course of receiving treatment, we begin laying the groundwork for aftercare by creating partnerships. Family members and community resources will have a lasting impact on how well our clients continue to progress in their new life after recovery.

By using individualized treatment plans uniquely catered to our clients’ needs, the focus isn’t just on substance abuse. Making sure our clients have the strength to build a self-directed life and concentrate on having a sober future are our utmost concerns.

Overcoming addiction begins with a qualified substance abuse treatment facility that helps clients address underlying issues and co-occurring disorders. Through the safety and care of our alcohol and drug detox clinic in San Rafael, clients learn effective ways to manage cravings and triggers brought on by the prevalence of drugs and alcohol within our culture.

Supervised Detox at Our San Rafael Addiction Recovery Facility

From the moment we are contacted, clients know they are not alone in their desire to live a healthy and clean life free of addiction. With that support comes the realization that certain addiction recovery treatments will have better outcomes with professional care.

The first step towards recovery is getting drugs and/or alcohol out of a person’s system. Severe addictions can lead to some intense withdrawal symptoms. To prevent potentially unpleasant complications from detox, supervision is recommended for the safety of clients.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Another important aspect of a full addiction recovery is for drug rehab centers to acknowledge the need for dual diagnosis treatment. Some clients become addicted to drugs or alcohol while trying to cope with a mental health disorder. Alternately, clients may develop a mental health condition after becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol.

When someone experiences both of these problems at the same time, it is called dual diagnosis. Although this sounds like a broad category, one cannot be treated successfully without the other.

The importance of treating a dual diagnosis cannot be overstated. Issues such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and trauma present relapse risk factors. Returning home before addressing a mental disorder may lead to a person seeking new ways to overcome their condition.

Desert Canyon treatment programs address underlying mental diagnoses and substance abuse. Through a comprehensive assessment, we can determine the best course of action for treatment and care.

If you or someone you love is abusing substances due to a co-occurring disorder such as depression or anxiety, professional intervention through a drug rehab facility opens up the opportunity to have a fulfilling life.

Structured Rehabilitation Programs

Programs at our San Rafael addiction treatment facility provide a structured process to rehabilitate clients. No two people endure substance abuse the same way, even if they are addicted to the same substance. Supportive care, which includes detox, therapy, and various types of aftercare services are designed on an individual basis to directly address our clients’ particular needs.

Community of Support

The community within our addiction recovery center in San Rafael provides group therapy to help clients work through their thoughts and behaviors that lead to their compulsion. Group therapy can lead to tremendous progress.

Only people who have gone through the same experience can truly empathize with others and offer helpful advice. This gives clients a chance to give back, which can be very helpful in building self-esteem and self-worth. It also breeds honesty, which becomes an invaluable tool for staying sober after thriving in a safe and comfortable environment at a Desert Canyon Institute addiction treatment center.

Life after Rehab

Recovery does not end once you leave our facility, it continues as an ongoing process of sobriety. You leave the building with a plan for aftercare so you know support is always available whenever and wherever you need it.