Recovery From Addiction in our Albuquerque, New Mexico Facility

There is absolutely no shortage of options when you are looking for a drug detox clinic in your area. Desert Canyon Institute drug rehab center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, can help you recover from their drug addiction.

Our addiction experts will ask you a series of questions concerning your drug addiction as part of the intake process. This will help us determine which course of action is the right one for you. From there, you will transition to our Albuquerque supervised detox center, followed by a personalized treatment plan designed to fit your individual needs. Our substance abuse treatment facility in Albuquerque asks you to open up in a safe environment in order to kick your drug addiction and help you on your way to a sober life.

Our Detox Program

Desert Canyon Institute supervised drug detox program is carefully constructed to fit the needs of an individual. We focus on detox in a way that will allow our clients to be successful long-term, instead of rushing the process. We understand that detox can be a very demanding physical and mental challenge for many clients, we don’t make anyone start any type of counseling while going through withdrawal symptoms. However, we encourage our guests to partake in sessions if they feel able to do so while they are still in detox.

We don’t expect that you will have a clear cut plan of action when you come to our Albuquerque drug detox facility. Our programs within our Albuquerque drug rehab centers are designed to guide you through the necessary steps, one at a time, to get you on the road to recovery.

Individual Therapy in our Addiction Recovery Center

We provide both individual and group therapy sessions within our Albuquerque addiction treatment facility. With individual therapy, our professional caregivers will work directly with you to help you understand addiction triggers and underlying issues that have contributed to your drug and alcohol use. In individual therapy, clients will:

  • Identify why the client began to abuse their drug of choice.
  • Are given advice on how to focus their time and energy on other interests in order to stay away from drugs.
  • Learn how to avoid the triggers that can cause them to relapse.

Dual Treatment Therapy

At our Albuquerque addiction treatment center, we believe that the best course of action for rehabilitation is to understand the underlying issues that can contribute to drug addiction. Dual treatment is a large part of our program. Drug addiction is often a symptom of another underlying mental health problem. Once you get to the root of why you have turned to drugs or alcohol, you can begin to work on your sobriety. Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and many other mental health problems are a few of the issues that we have identified and treat. We offer separate sessions in our addiction recovery program in Albuquerque that address each condition directly.

Group Sessions and Aftercare in Addiction Recovery

In our Albuquerque drug rehab facility, we offer group therapy sessions to all our clients in a safe and confidential setting. We firmly believe that talk therapy with others in a group setting share the same background and experiences is a healthy way to feel connected and supported. This helps our clients not to feel alone like they once did.

Aftercare resources in Desert Canyon Institute addiction recovery center provide after our clients leave the facility. Addiction cannot be cured, only managed, and we are dedicated to providing the care and support needed to stay sober at our addiction recovery facility in Albuquerque. Don’t wait, call us today.