Addiction Recovery Center -- Round Rock, Texas

For the millions of Americans who struggle with addiction to drugs and alcohol, indefinite sobriety after taking substances might seem like an impossible feat. At Desert Canyon Institute, we believe successful recovery is dependent upon the necessary tools to effectively overcome the causes that lead people to drugs and alcohol in the first place. Our addiction recovery program in Round Rock, Texas places a strong emphasis on building a safe and trustworthy community that offers support and compassion for each and every client. Our addiction treatment facility in Round Rock is staffed by compassionate and highly-trained professionals who work one-on-one with clients, assisting them through the detoxification process, as well as long-term rehabilitation and therapy. The drug rehab centers within our network are dedicated to each individual's long-lasting success and liberation from addiction.

Safety is a primary concern throughout the rehabilitation process. At our drug detox clinic in Round Rock, we believe a supervised detoxification is the safest and most effective way for clients to rid themselves of dependence and start fresh in the recovery process. Detox may cause symptoms of withdrawal including anxiety, insomnia, agitation, muscle aches, and shaking. The compassionate and professional staff at our Round Rock substance abuse treatment facility supervises client detox in order to provide comfort and safety that are not available when going through detox at home. In case of emergency, staff are on hand to treat clients. Paired with the support of our staff and amenities of our facilities, supervised detox is the most effective way to withdrawal and proceed to long-term rehabilitation.

A safe and supportive community can make the rehabilitation process easier than attempting to quit alone. Our drug rehab facility is dedicated to maintaining a safe and supportive environment for all our clients. Group therapy is an essential aspect of the treatment process because it gives clients the chance to share their story, receive advice, and encourage others who are struggling through similar problems. It is especially helpful when the isolating process of individual therapy overwhelms clients. Individual therapy can take on several forms, and our trained staff are committed to uncovering the underlying causes of each client's addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. Many of our clients have a dual diagnosis – that is, they suffer from both an addiction and an additional mental health disorder. At our addiction treatment center in Round Rock, we use dual diagnosis as an illuminating factor in treating substance abuse to respond to the direct need for such a treatment. We try to ensure that every client is aware of underlying causes for addiction in order to identify destructive thought processes and seek positive ways to deal with stress and triggers.

Once clients have reached the end of their rehabilitation process, they will have the tools they need to tackle everyday life substance-free. However, clients will benefit from additional support after their rehabilitation. The staff at our Round Rock addiction recovery facility work with clients to find therapists to see after rehab, as well as support groups to maintain their support and community. Our first recommendation, however, is for clients to move into sober living facilities after completing our addiction recovery program. These facilities allow clients to maintain a sense of routine while living with others with similar struggles. This type of stepping stone can be essential to long-term recovery, and it can open the doors for clients to be comfortable seeking therapists and support groups after leaving our facilities.

Addiction recovery is a long-term process that requires commitment to leading a substance-free lifestyle. Desert Canyon Institute addiction recovery center in Round Rock provides clients with the tools they need to achieve the goal of lifelong recovery.